NICE Breaks New Ground in Robotic Process Automation with Innovative AI-Driven Click to Automate

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today introduced new AI-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities that fast-track the time to value by rapidly operationalizing optimal process automation opportunities. Available as part of NICE RPA version 7.4 is the new Click to Automate feature, that instantaneously transforms recommended process sequences into live operational automations. This enables businesses to rapidly expand existing process automations, improve efficiencies and strengthen organizational resilience even during unpredictable market conditions. Additional capabilities enable tighter human-robot collaboration via smarter, visual-based automation discovery and a more customizable development process per employee needs.

Smarter automation discovery and development
Click to Automate takes the benefits of Automation Finder, NICE’s AI-infused automation opportunity discovery tool, to the next level. Following Automation Finder’s capture and display of all the recommended process sequences, the Click to Automate capability seamlessly and rapidly builds the process automations with NICE’s Automation Studio design tool. The result is end-to-end working automations, including the logic and connectivity elements. NICE’s attended and unattended robotic workforce then manages the full execution of these processes in complete collaboration with each employee, at scale.

Additional enhancements included in NICE RPA version 7.4 include:

  • Visually inspired automation discovery: With NICE RPA’s Automation Finder, business analysts can now get a visual snapshot of the employee’s screen together with clustering of the different process sequences, variations and their respective scores. This provides business analysts with a holistic understanding of the real-life processes employees regularly execute. With these rich, practical insights, the analyst is equipped to make an informed decision about the optimal processes to automate, allowing for more efficient automation development, higher user adoption and improved results.
  • Customized attended automation development: The callout builder within NICE’s Automation Studio enables enhanced customization of callouts, a critical element in the successful deployment and uptake of attended automation. As a result, developers can personalize the way NEVA, NICE’s attended automation offering, communicates and interacts with employees, allowing them to better relate to and connect with attended robots at work. The user-friendly drag and drop interface with built-in intelligence allows automations to be created with ease and speed, as well as resonate with the unique culture of the organization and its people. This ensures connected, productive human-robot collaborations in the virtual and physical workplace.
  • Unified connectivity for accelerated automation development: With a unified connectivity layer, automation developers can seamlessly access all applications across different technologies from a single interface. This ensures faster development and time to value for organizations and enables employees to benefit from the process automations more quickly.

“What businesses need right now are solutions that will accelerate the efficiency of their business, maximize the value of every process automation and empower employees to do more from any location and at any time,” Barry Cooper, President, NICE Enterprise Group, said. “The new capabilities in NICE RPA version 7.4 power agility across the automation lifecycle – including intelligent, optimal process discovery, instantaneous operationalization of process automations and stronger employee collaboration. We believe this helps organizations ensure business continuity, boost their bottom line and enhance both employee and customer experiences.”

About NICE
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