Unified communications and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams are transforming how millions of people work every day. As today’s working conditions dictate employee flexibility, whether at home or in the office, organizations globally have accelerated the adoption of omnichannel collaboration platforms across their enterprises.

As regulation around capturing and managing employee and customer interactions continues to grow, a reliable recording solution becomes necessary. As customer interactions shift towards new communication modalities, such as the video embedded in platforms like Microsoft Teams, organizations need to ensure adequate recording coverage across all communication types.

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Are you and your company working on Microsoft Teams? Like millions of others, communication on MS Teams is becoming pivotal to how you operate during these unprecedented times. As Contact Center has been homeworking over the last year, Microsoft Teams has become an increasingly popular Unified Communications Platform.


Because of their ability to support varying communication types – such as chat, video meetings, voice calling (A/B calls), document sharing and online collaboration – in one application, these platforms have been proven to reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision-making and elevate the customer and employee experience to new levels.

Across the enterprise, unified communications adoption continues to rise, including for recording user conversations for regulated users; Contact center; front office; back office; home office; and more.

As regulation around capturing and managing employee and customer interactions continues to grow, having a reliable recording solution becomes a necessity. Effective omnichannel recording protects the organization from reputational and regulatory damages and empowers business insights derived from customer interactions.

NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams provides complete recording coverage of all Teams-based communications for all Teams communication modalities

The First Certified Microsoft Teams Recording and Archiving

NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams, the first Microsoft-certified solution, can help you meet the demands of shifting communication preferences. NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams provides one solution for capturing and archiving all employee and customer communications irrespective of how your employees communicate – via turrets, mobile phones, PBXs (desk phones), and unified communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams. NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams can also reliably record all call scenarios, and any available media source exchanged through Microsoft Teams – from video to chat to screen-sharing, A/B calling and meetings.


Captures all communications (voice, video, screen share, chat)


Support your global recording needs, including remote workforces.


Various deployment models can be SaaS, hybrid, or on-premises.


Works with industry-leading quality assurance and communication platform.

Automated Microsoft Teams Recording

NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams can automatically play a recording announcement at the beginning of each call, regardless of the communication device being used (e.g., a desk phone, turret, mobile phone, or unified communications platform like Teams), fulfilling various regulatory obligations.

Record On-Demand

Under specific regulations, every channel and mode of communication used by regulated users (or customer interactions) – internal or external, inbound or outbound, pre, during-or post-transaction, front-office, back-office, contact center, or mobile phone – must be recorded. This includes voice calls, instant messages, emails, social media, SMS messages, video interactions, chat, and unified communications platforms like Teams.

This broader mandate means that employees (who might not have been regulated and subject to having their communications recorded in the past) need to be able to record on-demand. NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams gives your organizations the ability to do that directly within the Teams client application. Your regulated employees can quickly initiate recording without logging into a separate web page. With NICE Recording for Microsoft Teams, your organization only records what it needs when it needs to, instead of other solutions which record everything and
require you to ‘keep or delete’ recordings after the fact.

Selindo Alpha is an authorized partner of NICE Software for Microsoft Teams Recording

We are delighted to offer you exceptional MS Teams recording tools from NICE with faster deployment, simplified set-up, centralized administration, and fool-proof fault monitoring.