Expert in providing communication technology

We are a leading provider of customer experience systems, offering businesses the tools they need to create seamless, personalized, and memorable interactions with their customers

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Our Services

satelite communication

VSAT Communication

Connect your world with our cutting-edge VSAT telecommunications solutions, delivering fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for businesses operating in even the most remote and challenging environments

Customer Experience Management

Transform your customer experience and drive business growth with our powerful and intuitive customer experience solutions, designed to help you create personalized, seamless, and memorable interactions with your customers

digital transformation

Managed Service

Streamline your operations, maximize your productivity, and focus on your core business with our comprehensive and customizable managed service solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business

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About Us

Selindo Alpha is an Indonesian private national company, with more than 30 years of experience in providing communication technology for enterprises. We thrive on being the most reliable market leader in the industry.

Our cutting-edge technology and powerful analytics enable our clients to understand and anticipate customer needs, optimize their operations, and drive business growth.

Deliver excellent Product & Service

We have the expertise, resources, and product assurance to give you the highest level of efficiency that your organization requires.

Empowering our employee

Our teams are young, energetic, fully, and continually trained to cover our nationwide operations and to enable us in providing technical advice for complete network solutions needed by our customers.

Strategic Partnership

With trust and confidence, we have established strong partnerships with our principals globally. This enables us to access a wide range of products to keep up with rapid technology changes and provide you with more cost-efficient and reliable solutions.

Strong partnership with worldwide market leaders
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